Some facts about the MoveWorldMove Ambassador Program

Some facts about the MoveWorldMove Ambassador Program

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Here's why you should join the MoveWorldMove ambassador family & find out what a MoveWorldMove (MWM) ambassador does?


We at MoveWorldMove (MWM) are always looking for ways to achieve our goal of “Protecting Life on Earth”, and our bountiful fans & customers always want to help whenever and in any way, they can!

We are forever seeking life-protecting MoveWorldMove’Rs that’ll help us spread our mission! These are people that will inspire others to protect life on earth! No matter if that is life in animals, children, nature or healthy living!

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Who would be an ideal ambassador for MWM?

The MoveWorldMove ambassador program is one that is inclusive and doesn’t discriminate! Many companies have really stringent applications processes, rules, quotas, etc. but not us!

We believe that anyone that has a good heart and wants to protect life on earth in alignment with our missions is welcome! We have a big, hairy, audacious mission to protect 10,000,000 lives by 2025! We know that it is super aggressive but we believe with the kindness of each MWM Ambassador we can do this and make 10,000,000 lives better - animals, children, natural ecosystems. Having said that we’re an inclusive ambassador program, we like to have a few requirements which we like to see each of our ambassador’s meet.

In order to be a MoveWorldMove Ambassador, all we ask is that you are passionate about protecting life in one of our 4 pillars that drive our movement forward. These pillars are Animals, Children, Nature, and Healthy living while living your life to the fullest with adventure, community, eco-friendliness, and sustainability. We want you to be over 16 years old and have an active, energetic and outreaching lifestyle, or maybe you don’t yet and you want to, we here for you to meet that goal and share missions together!

We ask that our ambassadors have a good public presence on either Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or Snapchat to help share our missions on social media. You don’t need to have all of them, just one or two that you feel would help protect life!

Our ambassadors love adventure and protecting life by volunteering at animal shelters, children’s homes, advocating for change regarding issues that impact our earth and the lives of those who don’t have a voice. Our Ambassadors also have a love for camping, skiing, nature or animal photography, hiking, mountain climbing and everything else in between!

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What do ambassadors do & How do they do it?

Our ambassador program embodies our DNA of “protecting life on earth” and our ambassadors live the same passion!

Each quarter or more frequently if a time-sensitive need arises, we run a new mission for our ambassadors to take part in. For example, we are currently running a “Save an Ellie” campaign because we believe that the ivory trafficking trade is in dire need of a shakeup and the more support we can rally for this cause, the better! Just in 2019, the anti-poaching advocates had a massive win where the head of a notorious ivory poaching ring in Tanzania was sentenced to prison for many years striking a blow and sending a message to the poaching cartels that the world will not stand for harming our animals for consumeristic gains! Our goal is to donate $10,000.00 to the WWF Elephants species fund but we would love to double that with our ambassador's help!

We plan to have many fun social missions for our ambassadors to take part in all around the world whilst protecting life and having fun with their families and friends in their local communities.

We will be hosting Ambassador Competitions that are linked to a cause, like the 2019 Earth Hour Challenge which we will run where ambassadors will stand a chance to win prizes and get featured on our Lead Ambassador’s Instagram page!

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 What are some of the benefits?

There is no way we could ask you to put in the effort without some cool benefits and bonuses along the way. These include access to our Lifetime Basic Membership in the MWM Life Protection Association where you will receive member only discounts on products & collections, early access to new products & special sales, and from time to time, free samples of mission campaign products!

We allow our ambassadors to see new products and designs before they are released to the public, where we take your impact on voting for new designs and features etc. through our private ambassador only group’s surveys & polls, once accepted in the program.

You will be eligible to earn commissions from the sales you generate as well as take part in global ambassador competitions which is a lot of fun and the prizes are super cool!

This is a new program for us and there are loads of new and exciting things planned for all of us to bring the highest level of impact we can to Protect Life on Earth!

We will be working on more ways to bring exposure and opportunities for ambassadors to be featured on our social media channels, website, blog, podcast show where we interview forward-thinking, progressive, life-protecting awareness driven ambassadors as thought leaders on our channels giving you the opportunity to reach more people and share your own initiatives. Interviews are not mandatory but voluntary as we want to give back to our ambassadors! We will soon be designing ambassador-exclusive certified organic apparel for you to strut your stuff in :-)

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Join us today to help spread our mission campaigns to protect life on earth for children, animals, nature, and awareness of healthy living!

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