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Aromatherapy, 8 Proven Benefits of Essential Oils

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8 Proven benefits of aromatherapy

Taking a look at the unique benefits offered to you by the regular use of Essential Oils to your everyday routine!

1) Improve your digestion!

Nausea, indigestion, acid reflux and even the effects of morning sickness are no match for essential oils! The use of ginger, lemon, chamomile, turmeric eucalyptus or peppermint oils will help you kick butt.

2) Raise your awareness and kick fatigue to the curb

Based off of a Neuroscience study which involved 40 adult patients, all of which who were prone to depression or had symptoms of depression and mental fatigue, were treated with a couple of short, quick bursts of either lavender oil (used to relax/calm) or rosemary oil (used to sharpen focus/memory) and then tested via surveys for cognition and problem solving abilities, their results were all positive.

3) An aid to respiratory issues

The antiseptic properties found within certain oils are able to disinfect the air of bacterias and molds that are directly linked to respiratory problems.

Say bye-bye to that annoying itchy cough, hay fever, and congestive problems!
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4) Help manage the symptoms and effects of cancer

As people battling this crippling disease search for a way to manage this illness, aromatherapy is used to help relax the patient and in certain cases, patients feel a reduction of pain, this is done by means of inhalation through diffusers, if they are comfortable with having a massage, essential oils are infused to make a massage gel, this is a way to treat certain problem areas.

Sage, lavender, rose, geranium and frankincense are some of the top performing oils for this.

5) They promote relaxation

If you've ever been stressed or filled with worry that you're actually crippled by it, essential oils are able to reduce the cortisol levels in the user, which is linked to the sympathetic nervous system, that "fight or flight" response. An awesome oil for this would be the lovely fragrance lavender.

6) Improve the quality of your sleep

For all of those with "Sleep issues", rest easy, we have you covered! A proven way to help you have a much better night rest, try diffusing either ylang-ylang or chamomile essential oils amount 30 minutes to an hour before you would go to sleep.

Beneficial for all of those people battling with anxiety or insomnia. Elephant aromatherapy diffuser vintage pendant

7) Aid in pain and inflammation reduction

If you've ever had a persistent pain that really didn't want to go, no matter what you did, perhaps even arthritis, combining lavender essential oil to a carrier oil such as jojoba oil may be applied to the particular painful area.

The use of spearmint or frankincense is able to reduce the symptoms of headaches or migraines.

8) Improvements to your skin health

As most essential oils are antiseptic, antibacterial or antifungal (among others), they are a super cool aid to improve the rate at which wounds heal, dealing with rashes and inflammation from stings or bites.

Other skin benefits are the way they help reduce acne, reducing cellulite, and dealing with dandruff upon the scalp.

The best oils for your skin are said to be, juniper berry, sage, frankincense, and lemon.

Please note, it is always advisable to dilute the oils if you are going to be applying them to the skin. If you are unsure, try a patch test to see whether or not your skin responds well to it before applying any oils to a large area.

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