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11 Best Firefighter Gifts Everyone Will Love!


These Are The Best Gifts for Firefighters!

Aside from being a real-life superhero, protecting buildings, animals, people and all things in between, firefighters are still human beings, thus they should be appreciated just the same.

We have compiled a pretty sweet list of gifts for firefighters, that show your appreciation for them in a way they will remember the kind gesture you have brought forward to them. I mean who doesn't love a great gift?

These gifts could be for holidays, gifts for birthdays, or simply that ‘just because of type gift’. Keep in mind International Firefighters day which will be on the 4th of May this year, as a date to remember to show them you care by hooking them up with awesome gear!

It's quite hard to predict what they may need or want, one thing's for certain though, they are as close as what families are, and perhaps a gift for them may be for everyone as well?

That being said, let's dive straight in!

1 A multipurpose on the job survival tool:

 Multi-purpose survival tool

It's highly probably they already have some pretty neat equipment, so why not add to it?

A simple yet effective tool, this multipurpose tool is an ax, a hammer, a nail remover, and a pry bar all wrapped up into one!

How neat is that?

2 All in one travel and accessories bag!

 Large 3 piece travel and tool bag

A gift to ensure every need is met, this set includes a premium large travel bag (shoulder strap included), to house everything from your gear to odds and ends. It includes a nifty toiletry bag that could be used for that, or for certain small tools and an additional bag to carry their mask.

3 Compact rescuers tool

 Compact rescuers multi tool

A reliable yet versatile compact tool that you can trust is heavy duty for the tasks needed to be performed every day.

Able to pry open windows and doors, shut off gas valves, loosen couplings on hoses and to easily cut wire!

4 Rescuers folding knife

 Tactical folding knife

A strong, reliable knife on the job may be just what they need. This knife kicks some serious butt, able to not only cut through a myriad of materials but it comes with a serrated blade for cutting tougher items like hoses or cables easily and effectively.

5 A supercool multitool

 Super cool multi tool

The Leatherman super tool 300 is the final addition to our tools suggestions, however, it's a really great suggestion! This is one of those tools that literally prepare you for almost anything! Extremely diverse, with 19 tools, ranging from an electrical crimper to a ruler, oh and did we mention a 25-year limited warranty? How cool is that!

6 A great cup of coffee

 Fire Department Coffee Mug

A lively porcelain mug with the fire department crest displayed on the front, a treat that will be appreciated greatly! Reward your hero with this great souvenir.

7 A waterproof vintage leather toiletry bag

 Leather waterproof vanity bag

Aside from its awesome exterior aesthetic appeal, this toiletry bag ticks all the boxes! It's durable, waterproof, offers an abundance of pockets and compartments to store all your toiletry needs. To top it off it comes with a full refund guarantee!

8 Led clip-on reading light

 Clip on reading light

After a long day, you may be seeking some downtime. A good book and a great cup of coffee and you're all set! This is a great gift for every bookworm, and they will truly see how much you really know them.

The device comes with various brightness settings to give you peace of mind in any lighting situation.

9 Wall mounted bottle opener and cap collector

 Wall mounted bottle cap opener and bucket

Celebrating each victory is important, and we bet they celebrate together daily or perhaps weekly, but celebrations do happen. A great gift to bring the team together, this gift idea goes far beyond just the person you are gifting it too, this is a gift to be shared with the whole department!

10 All round recipe cookbook

 All round cook book

Sharing a great meal with family is always memorable, rewarding and almost as satisfying as the epic food you could whip up for those special people in your life. Another great gift that goes far beyond the person you are gifting too.

11 Shock them with this timeless gift!

 Timeless durable timepiece

The latest addition to Casio's watch series, this will surely blow them away! The specs on this beauty are great, shock resistant, water resistant up to 200m/660ft, crisp clear Led display, and this list just goes on! It's durable enough to get through everyday tasks they will surely encounter!

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