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Firefighting, more than just putting out fires.



 Firefighter Physical Performance Test By City Of Saint Paul Communication Center

In the following blog, we will look at what makes a good firefighter, the training they go through to be able to kick butt and how you could possibly volunteer at your local fire department to actionable steps to take to become a firefighter.

What makes a good firefighter?

Being a good firefighter is more than just running into a blazing building and exhausting a flame. It takes teamwork, countless hours of continuous training and a passion for what you do that probably stems from wanting to help all the people you can or to be a valuable member to and in your society.

Becoming a good firefighter means you not only look out for your team, but you are also looking out for the people you are trying to rescue, the property you are trying to save and to ensure that everyone goes home alive.

For this to happen you will need to have a sharp mind, think logically about how your actions will impact the situation if it will aid and not hinder the operation in progress and know that you are in optimal peak condition to perform and give it 100%.

It takes passion and dedication, which is a key component for this profession among other character traits which include pride, honor, and integrity to the job, this could also be wrapped up to be a personal commitment to yourself to be better and better each day.

The training that they go through before and during the job:

Training for duty is a requirement all candidates go through, however, training will not stop there. Training will be a religious part of your daily tasks, in order to keep your kit, active and physically strong to truly excel at your objective.

The training programme that they go through tests your mental toughness, which is crucial for your success as a firefighter, some days will be harder than the others, whilst some days will be extremely pleasant.

They test your physical strength as well as it takes you through different aspects of physical training such as aerobics, resistance, agility as well as flexibility and mobility.

All of this is to correctly prepare you for the physical aspects you will encounter on the job, the kit alone, depending on what you are to be doing is 45 pounds or about 20 kilograms, this includes the basics such as helmet, gloves, boots and the fresh air tank, whereas the full kit will weigh in at around 75 pounds or about 34 kilograms.

Physical strength is a definite requirement, but this can be improved, so just do your very best each and every day!

The how-to of becoming a firefighter:

Making the choice to become a firefighter is a bold move and is pretty much like deciding to become a superhero. You will have to go through the process of becoming instead of just waking up and being.

The very first step I would recommend you is to go out and to speak to your local fire department, and see if they have any volunteering programs available, if they do that is fantastic as they will guide and mentor you from there, they will provide you with the training required before you proceed with actual duties.

If they don’t, go ahead and ask if you could job shadow them for a month or for an extended period of time if this is a career you would like to pursue.

Ask them what their training requirements may be, as this will differ depending on where you are from, they will usually state that you will need to take the firefighters test, it goes by various names, but this test includes a physical and a written exam.

After completing this test, ask them if you are able to become a volunteer as you will have the required skills to participate and go out on with them and gain the on the job experience to truly see if this is what you would like to do. Show them you are an asset and why they should keep you on board. This volunteering process should not be less than 6 months but go for as long as you feel comfortable that you know what this entails.

Next, you will need to go for an EMT basic class, which will give you the basics to CPR as well as other medical or responsive skills you may require on the job.

Once the EMT basics are done, then proceed to the EMT intermediate class, and complete this. This looks really good on your resume and you will feel extremely confident in your abilities to not only help the people you are trying to save but to give you peace of mind that you can help yourself and your team as well.

To land the job, inquire about job vacancies and any openings on the team. You have the experience at this point, you have them on the job training and you have been volunteering for a minimum of 6 months. You should be a great candidate by this point and an asset to any department.

Do you feel you’re strong-minded? Do you work well in a team? Are you the type of person to live in service of those around you?

If so, then this may be an ideal career option for you to pursue!

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