Introducing MoveWorldMove!

Introducing MoveWorldMove!

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Introducing MoveWorldMove, also known as as MWM! A 21st century for Purpose Company.

We want to tell you our story, to give you some hope and stir some hope into the world! Hope is after all, ever so needed. Needed like the very air we so desperately need!

Being hopeful that things can be better is often seen as optimism - a noble trait! But, the high of optimism seems to fade for some people. Some say it's because it has a long wait and results aren't as instant. Others, get to see their idea flourish from the moment they think it, to the day they achieve their task.

There are some people, some would call them the greats, who have a Chuck Norris spirit. These people are able to cultivate this optimism from deep within. They stir in them an energy, an internal will, an inner dialogue that they call upon in times of need. These type of people keep this flame so well lit, nurtured and cultivated. It allows them to dream and push through to life's beautiful things. It helps them to move through all barriers and kick down the doors in front of them!

It's this Chuck Norris type of spirit that is needed for the task we have taken upon us! A task to be the driver for change, to stir the flame in people, to be a light in a world that deeply craves hope!

If we stand together with our collective potential, there is no obstacle that can stand in the way. 

We are calling all people that share a certain thing in common - a willingness to be a warrior for all good things, protecting life in every aspect.

We are calling all people that are looking to be a part of a cause everlasting. A cause that is meaningful. A cause that outlives us all. A cause and purpose we can support before we go to our resting place knowing we have done well on this earth.

If you can identify as an activist, a conservationist, a philanthropist or a parent wondering what type of world your kids will inherit. Or you would like to be a voice for the animals or a voice for the oceans and all the life therein. You are in the right place!

We want you to join this journey! We can't do this without you!

We want you to be part of the movers and shakers that are actively making a change and taking a stand!

We drive fundraisers to bring you exclusive MWM gear, items and surprises that either encompasses a donation or a portion of purchase, or both.  We do this for the sole purpose of providing you with novelty items whilst donating to causes that make a huge difference to anything that has life in it. 

So purchasing great MWM gear, items and surprises from us will mean that you’re taking part in the journey. To see for yourselves the hope, love and joy that your donations and contributions make. We want to inspire you, to make you warm inside, to fill you with the astounding power that you’ve made a change. For you to be part of the difference, a sign of hope! 

MoveWorldMove discloses full transparency on our About Us page on all the campaigns we are currently supporting. We are in constant contact with the organizations we are supporting to accurately show every move that is made.

This means you actually see where the money you are so graciously contributing is going. We feel this is vitally important, not only to build trust but to ensure you see the progress being made with the campaigns!

We have four main pillars we believe the world needs to move for!

MoveWorldMove Children has the mantra that “Every child has the right to be free, loved, educated, well-nourished and never abused in any way!” 

MoveWorldMove Animals strives to “Give a voice to those that don’t have a voice, to protect those that can’t protect themselves!

MoveWorldMove Nature moves for Mother Nature! She is powerful and majestic but cannot bear us polluting and pillaging her oceans, forests, air and all life on earth! “For every 1 taken, 100 should be protected or planted!”

MoveWorldMove Health believes that we can make a huge difference to those who struggle with any kind of health challenge. We work with organizations who support people with physical or mental illnesses.

We want to build a family of unique, like-minded individuals, who see the potential, not the problem, who will make a plan, who above all odds will find a way!

We're looking for the inspired, the motivated and the kind-hearted.

Let's Move together, let's shake things up, let’s take a stand, be the change.

MWM - A for Purpose Company.

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