About Us – MoveWorldMove

About Us

Who are we?
We’re just a group of ordinary people trying to make other lives better! 


We believe it is time for the World to Move! Move for the protection of everything that has life in it! We are custodians of life, in every shape, and we have the power to protect, sustain and care for this world, or to destroy it, the choice is ours!

We’re a for purpose company set up to bring our awesome fans great gear and to create community experiences, while giving back to the world.

We have 4 main pillars we believe the world needs to move for, hence the name MoveWorldMove, these pillars are:

MoveWorldMove Children

Which is a division of the company that drives the charge forward with the mantra that “Every child has the right to be free, loved, educated, well-nourished and never abused in any way!”

MoveWorldMove Animals

This is the division which strives to “Give a voice to those that don’t have a voice, to protect those that can’t protect themselves! Our beloved animals from our cute and cuddly pets at home to the fiercest, biggest, most beautiful creatures of the wild, from the land to the oceans to the skies and every living thing in between!”

MoveWorldMove Nature

Here we move for Mother Nature, she is powerful and majestic but cannot bear us polluting and pillaging her oceans, forests, air and all life on earth! That is why we at MoveWorldMove need your help to move against the World for her and support organisations who help stop the people who are and can destroy this planet! “For every 1 taken, 100 should be protected or planted!”

MoveWolrdMove Health

This division of our company believes that we can make a huge difference for advocacy, awareness and support for those who struggle with any kind of health challenge. We look for organizations who support people with physical or mental illnesses. These organizations often provide medical services, education, development and other free community-based services to help those in need who cannot afford the treatment needed. 

How do we do this and how do you help make life around the world better?

Well we can’t do it at all without you!

We drive fundraisers to bring you exclusive MWM gear items and surprises, which either encompasses a donation or a portion of purchase, or both, for the sole purpose of bringing joy to you through beautiful lovely functional novelty items whilst donating to causes around the world that make a huge difference to anything that has life in it.

We keep you posted about when we send your donation to the destined foundations as well as keep track of our world impact goals and appreciate our MoveWorldMoveR’s on our About Us page.

Make a change, take a stand, and Move World Move! We want to thank you for being a